Shazia Jaffery

My basic belief is that creativity is an expression of the God within, in my paintings; I am looking for spiritual significance in ordinary people and their lives. One is born with Creativity which is gifted by (Allah)God to everyone. I am a Dubai based Pakistani artist, graduated in painting and sculpture I usually work in acrylics sometimes mixed medium, in my contemporary painting style I use text, lines and basic shapes as my main tools. My journey started with exploring SELF; I feel self is the center of everything. It all starts from within, whether good or bad, I believe that your experiences are the outcome of self believe and thought process. I also believe that Self can only be managed if you have strong self-control on your whims and wishes. I have spent ten years to explore the philosophy of self. How lack of self-control can create issues and spread negativity. I also practice self-reflection in my daily life to understand the world and people around me. I also empathize with people and put myself in that situation to observe the different point of views which is reflective in my work.



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