Salman Farooqi

My goal, as an artist, is to create works with three attributes: artistic merit, intellectual worth and visual splendor. Art needs to hold appeal at various levels. I love paintings that have a profusion of color, an abundance of energy and a whole lot of optimism. My works represent, to a large degree, the school of cubism. I use its basic tenets to present the true essence and meaning of the scenes that I paint using abstract shapes and forms. To me, there is no benefit in painting in a realistic manner using traditional techniques. I do not wish to create works that look like photographs – realistic and visually accurate but lacking in meaning, energy and significance. I am an optimist and a believer in life. My works are, consequently, optimistic, bright and cheerful. I do not wish to convey sadness through art and strive to depict beauty, energy and vitality that is not readily visible in everyday scenes. My paintings are designed to be celebrations of happiness, positivity and cheerfulness. I want my paintings to have great decorative appeal. They should add splendor to the rooms where they are displayed. The conceit that artistic merit, and not visual appeal, is the true gauge of a painting’s worth is, in my opinion, arrogant and flawed. Artistic substance and aesthetic charm are not mutually exclusive. They work together to create objects of beauty. To me, the opinions of collectors, critics, scholars, fellow artists and regular people are all equally important, albeit in different ways. A good work is appreciated not just by a select few but by everyone in their own individual ways.



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