Raja Najam Ul Hassan

When painting, I feel a personal connection with nature. I try to capture the mood, atmosphere, sounds & smells of the landscape around me. My first impression of the scene must stimulate and excites my senses. The process of creating a painting will contain all the experiences past and present, passion, skill, control & an attempt to capture the fleeting moment in time. For me, painting is a passion and a never ending learning process. And I am so happy spending my life using the gifts GOD has given me. There is a beauty around all around us, often overlooked by the bustle of everyday living. My landscape paintings are inspired by my great love for NATURE.

I strongly believe that, the great art not only speaks to your imagination but also calls your heart & soul. To me, there is nothing like the excitement of CREATING a painting and love the idea of producing something that people can enjoy beyond a life time.



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