Muhammad Ali Bhatti

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ali Bhatti is a world renowned contemporary painter, represented by many celebrated art galleries around the globe. He has been exhibiting for the last 30 years, having over 30 national and international solo exhibitions and several group shows to his credit. Mr. Bhatti was born and raised in Pakistan; earned an MFA degree in painting from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and a PhD. in Interdisciplinary Arts from Ohio University. In his early years, he was inclined towards figurative art and became an accomplished portrait artist. His fascination with contemporary art is evident in his early figurative compositions. In his paintings, compositions are energetic; elements move freely in an anonymous space molded with bold brush strokes. Visual complexity, aesthetic sensibility of design, form and content are the true essence of his paintings.
Mr. Bhatti uses acrylic, oil, spray paint, randomly torn pages from magazines/books, design patterns and calligraphic elements for creating rich textures blended with exotic forms on canvas. Painting for him has always been like composing a symphony orchestra, emphasizing vivid tonality, juxtaposition of simple and complex forms and texture. Mr. Bhatti lives in Houston Texas and is associated with numerous art galleries, the Watercolor Society of Houston, Houston Art Alliance and Archway Gallery.



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