Masooma Rizvi

I believe, that Art allows us to express our true feelings. It lets our inner-self show through our work. An artist becomes increasingly sensitive & inspired by the factors around. As this reservoir of observation expands, so does the depth of his work” A self-taught artist, I preferred my passion of colour & creativity over a flourishing Banking career. My work revolves around Arabic Calligraphy & the Sufi concepts. It attempts at creating a fusion between the traditional khattati (calligraphy) & the modern use of colours, to create a thing that is visually appealing and touches the heart & soul.

Being experimental in nature, I prefer to follow the untrodden path to my goal. Working with unconventional materials & techniques is engaging for the artist and resultantly beguiling to the viewer. An avid observer & explorer, my paintings carry inspiration from the simple things that surround us. Art plays an important role in my life & through this work, I wish to share the sentiment of spirituality and mysticism with the world around. I want to stir up emotions and leave minds activated and thinking …



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