Jamal Mustafa

Jamal translates imagination through his autographic methodology of drawing practice. Over the years, his art has evolved from automatic to autographic. He had worked in various creative disciplines and is a great fan of details. His diverse professional career can be confusing to those who have not known him, from graphic design, cartoon, illustration, to drawing, digital art, and stained glass.

Jamal had been a part of all that in his 20 years of professional practice. He has a unique taste for drawing as it was his drawing proficiency that made him explore diverse aspects of the creative industry. Surrealism inspired him back in mid 90s and that is how he developed his autographic techniques. When asked about colors, he explains that his favorite colors are black and white hence his go-to mediums which are pens and pencils. For the last 12 years he has limited himself to stained glass, drawing, and education.



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