Hamama Tul Bushra

Trained as a graphic designer in Pakistan, Bushra earned her Master’s degree in Art History from the University of Missouri, Kansas City in the United States. While pursuing her doctorate, Bushra realized she could not ignore her passion for art and returned to painting. Today, in addition to her commercial work, Bushra practices a unique style of figurative painting defined by stylized forms carefully preserving and highlighting the soul and personality of each subject.

Bushra’s Modiglianesque female forms are enhanced by their peculiar personality and characteristics, which are questionable in society. For instance, the way her female sits, the blatant way in which she stares at the viewer, and the ease of self-confidence is reflected in her body language. These are uncomfortable and forbidden features that are still unacceptable in our society.

Bushra picks her subject directly from her surroundings but shows what is hidden and forbidden beneath these characters. She celebrates the binary tension of society by painting in simple forms, filling them with bright colors. This embodies the real essence of life which is simple and colorful.



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