Farah Arif

Being born and bred in Pakistan and having experienced the beautiful, colourful and varied landscapes of it’s different areas in the formative years of her life, Farah could not but awaken to the richness and beauty of her environs. Her form of appreciation was to render her experiences into painting. From an early age, she started drawing and painting; from Landscapes to Still Life, to Portraits, graduating in Fine Arts from F.G College Rawalpindi. After completing Masters in International Relations, she became busy teaching full time in Islamabad. Having moved to the United Kingdom in 2012, she took up her brushes again, seeking to paint for pleasure, sharing in the immense beauty of nature. Her aim is to evoke through her work the discovery of the beauty of all things great and small. She works mainly in oils on canvas but is eager to explore other mediums. Portraits are of particular interest while being especially influenced by the great Renaissance Masters, relying on Realism and trying to capture the ‘essence’ of the sitter.



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