Faiqa Uppal

I studied for a Masters in Fine Arts degree at Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan with distinction and was awarded a Gold Medal. I moved from Pakistan to the UK in 2007 and have continued my fine art practice alongside working as a freelance art tutor. The change of environment has had an influence on my development as an artist over the past 14 years. Subject matter; the excitement of dance and beauty of the natural world, has been an interest since student days. It is, however, the development of my technical ability that has brought a confidence to express, for example, an exuberance in dance studies and beauty in the colour, shape, and texture of the floral paintings. Regardless of the subject matter, the paintings, I feel, retain a freshness through the drips and unfinished elements reminiscent of more traditional abstract painting. Nothing is overworked and the immediacy of the imagery encourages the viewer to engage with the subject and the richness of the painted surface.



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