Durre Wasim

Durre is a painter of still life, portraits and landscapes. Working with bold colorful brushstrokes, she has a loose, impressionistic style that effectively captures the energy of the environment. Durre Waseem received her Bachelor of Arts from the Lahore College for women in 1985. By 1989, she obtained her Masters in Fie Arts at the University of Punjab. As a student, she was recognized many times as a young, exceptional, and inspiring artist who stood first and won may prizes. 1986 onward, Durre taught many workshops and classes as well as the Fine Arts instructor at the Salamat Academy, Lahore. After graduation she joined the faculty at the College of Art and Design where she shared her skills for 7 years. She later moved to California where she became a full time painter and teaches at the Art Institute, Land Empire, California.



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