Ali Azmat

Ali Azmat was born in Multan, with a great talent for drawing. Although he wanted to proceed with his sketches and drawings, the closest he had ever gotten to art were the billboard painters at work and around his town. He got an apprenticeship to paint these billboards and work on a large scale. He made his way to Lahore, Pakistan where sure enough, he was accepted by the Fine Arts Department at the University of Punjab in 1992. The same year, he joined a course in drawing and painting at the Alhamra Academy of Arts where he received his diploma two years later.

While staying at the University hostel, Ali met many people like himself who devoted their lives to art and focused on painting and discussing art issues. In his classes, he embarked on an era of new exploration of the human figure. By 1997, he was awarded the second prize at the Annual Arts Council Student’s Exhibition. The following years, he received more awards including a Gold Medal from the Institute of Art and Design where he later became a part of the faculty. Ali Azmat’s first solo Exhibition was at the Canvas Gallery in 2002. At the 8th National Visual Arts Exhibition in Lahore in 2003, he was presented the Award of Excellence by the Pakistan National Council of Arts. Ali Azmat’s first overseas exhibition was held in London in 2009 at Delaye Salton Art Gallery, Sayville Row, where his “Moorat Series” sensitively portrayed the innermost feelings of the Pakistani transgender community. Ali Azmat’s earlier works have been proved to be very influential among young artists. These paintings included lone female figures which symbolized various emotions among us.



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