Aamir Khatri

In 1967, Aamir Khatri was born in Karachi, Pakistan. Inspired by Picasso, Khatri experiments with portraiture, impressionism, landscaping, thereby keeping himself closely aligned with wildlife, woeful women, nature, and calligraphy. His message is to spread peace and harmony through his artwork. Khatri has had a number of shows under his belt with renowned art galleries such as Sadequian, Grandeur, Art collectors, and Pakistan National Council of Arts, Islamabad. Initially, his preferred art medium was watercolor, which then changed to oil, mixing abstract art with impressionism. There’s a certain mental distortion followed by emotional restlessness that is evident in his work. Khatri enjoys painting horses as the inspirational beast to him is an emblem of peace. He is a keen observer of human sentiment and uses the talent profusely in his artwork. He wants people to know him as an ambassador for peace and humanity.



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