The word “Rungg” means “color” in Urdu, Pakistan’s national language.

Shogran (Landscapes of Pakistan)
Muhammad Awais

In 2010, I moved to New York.

As an artist from Pakistan’s creative community, it was a life-changing experience. New York’s streets are filled with museums – an artist on every corner. I saw Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat at the Metropolitan and all my art dreams came true!

Wandering into Chelsea’s galleries, I saw art from all over the world. Primarily American, European and what I was subconsciously hoping to see – some South Asian. Most of that art was by Indian artists which was beautiful. But as I learnt along the way, Pakistani art would often be categorized under “Indian” art as well.

As someone who has studied the roots of our art saturated with national history and pride, the absence of Pakistani art from the international streets of an art-centric city like New York bothered me. When I searched online for authentic sources of Pakistani art, I only found scattered bits of information – none of which did any justice to the story of our art and its important history.

To bring Pakistan’s art to the spotlight, Rungg was found as an authentic resource for information about Pakistani art – both old and emerging. With the generous support of accredited art institutions like my alma mater Punjab University and the National College of Arts (NCA), Rungg is filled with authentic history about our art.

Taking it a step further, Rungg serves as an online gallery where art from Pakistan’s creative community is featured for purchase for art enthusiasts from all around the world.

Built with the help and guidance of art educators and patrons from our creative community, Rungg is a one-of-its-kind online platform featuring our country’s best creative.

It is with absolute pleasure that I invite you to our family filled with Rungg.

Ahmad N. Kasher
Artist & Founder

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Executive Consultant, Research & Art History

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Co-founder & Director of Product Design, New York

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